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In a world full of possibilities, everyone is looking for the right choice. Which design agency best suits your ambitions? Buro Reng specializes in identity design and communication. Determine your position with our BrandCompass. Give direction to your company or brand. Meet Buro Reng. More on BrandCompass

A good example of the Buro Reng approach. The question for a new corporate identity leads to a repositioning. The use of merkkompas provides insight into new opportunities and challenges that are better suited to the new ambitions. With this new strategy, brand name and visual identity, Vindrs is ready for the future!
Good news for grandpa or grandma! What do you do when you can’t go to grandma or grandpa because of corona? Make a newspaper! A special newspaper for your grandparents. Full of fun and short messages about what’s on your mind. You mail the text and photos and Krantje Speciaal does the rest.
Make your own Krantje Speciaal
Good news!

Our posterdesigns are featured on
Typo/graphic posters is a platform for inspiration and promotion of good design through the poster culture. It focus exclusively on typographical and graphical posters, those that challenge type, colors and shapes to express a message.
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An inspirational start of the day

This morning the gentlemen from Buro Reng gave an awesome lecture about their company, the way they work and they showed a lot of good looking case studies! It sure was an inspirational start of the day.

Nice reaction from the study association for all communication, media & IT studies and the students of the Institute for Communication, Media and IT of the HanzeHogeschool.

An excellent opportunity to introduce the Buro Reng MerkKompas to these future colleagues. The enthusiastic reactions showed that people understand the advantages of this working method!
Maybe you’ve also become curious about our methods and story? Let us know, we’ll be happy to tell you about it. More about Buro Reng MerkKompas

Buro Reng’s Mister Type project is featured on WE AND THE COLOR is a web magazine for your daily art and design inspiration. We feature outstanding projects of various creative fields. 
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The appearance of the Groningen landscape and the spatial planning in Groningen’s villages and cities is at stake.

Buro Reng designs the corporate identity and website for De Toeverlaat. A collective of Groninger architects who believe that advice and help to residents of the Groningen earthquake area can and should be improved. A good collective and a goal that we wholeheartedly support. br] Participating architects: Rob Hendriks, Paul van Bussel, Tjalling Zondag, Allart Vogelzang, Beatrice Montesano, Wim Barneveld, Erik Roerdink, Annet Ritsema, Sjoerd Tasseron, Arnold Venema and Geir Eide.
Students visiting

In conversation with students Media and Design of ROC Friese Poort about innovation and design. What do you think the meaning of innovation is? And do you also innovate? Good conversations and enthusiastic stories. Fun and meaningful.
New address

After years of working with great pleasure at the Munnekeholm, we have chosen a new workplace. We have moved to another beautiful location in the center of Groningen. At this new location we are more visible and accessible. Curious? Come for a coffee!
Buro Reng
Hoge der A 31
9712 AE Groningen
Typeface Design – Het houten Huis

This is the teaser film for the latest performance – Ruimtevlucht – by Het Houten Huis and Holland Opera. Ruimtevlucht is a performance about the ‘stowaway’ you carry with you. The result is a universe of visual theatre with absurd humour, enchanting vocals and live music, directed by Elien van den Hoek. The title ‘Ruimtevlucht’ is written in the new, tailor-made font. It is part of the new visual identity and brand strategy that Buro Reng is developing for Het Houten Huis. Teaser by: Boris Stokman, Mo Visser, Zoscha van Erkel, Elien van den Hoek. Music: Marting Franke, Niek Idelenburg.

More about the show

Branding – Lode, The New Excalibur Sport

Lode BV is a specialist in medical ergometry. We developed the exhibition design and digital marketing for The New Excalibur Sport, the ultimate bicycle ergometer. It is one of the most important product brands for Lode BV. With the help of our MerkKompas we designed the brand strategy and the multimedia campaign. Resulting in the European brand campaign kick-off in Prague of this top ergometer; SMARTER, BETTER, STRONGER!

Hi this is Linde!

I’m studying Graphic Design at ArtEZ Zwolle and I’ve been doing an internship at Buro Reng for a month now. I was looking for an internship in which graphic design and research are linked and where the process is just as important as the thesis. In Buro Reng this place has been found! Great team, good atmosphere, interesting vision and instructive conversations.

New house style for youth care organization ELKER

Buro Reng designs the new logo and the new corporate identity for ELKER. We hope that the dedication and involvement of Buro Reng contributes to the objectives of Elker and thus to help young people!
View project Elker

Animations for social media campaign R!SK

For Risk – the Financial Study Association‎ of the University of Groningen – Buro Reng designs animations for Instagram stories, as part of the digital branding strategy.
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