R and G

With the R of Rumph and the G of Gerritsen. Pascal Rumph and Hans Gerritsen. We are obsessed with our profession. Experimenting, collecting, analyzing, designing, and meanwhile having a lot of fun. We want to be the best at what we do. But we are not important. It’s about the client, no: the assignment.

Buro Reng Portret Hans Gerritsen en Pascal Rumph

Tell us who you are

Everyone has something of their own. Although you often don’t realize it; for yourself it is self-evident. The same goes for organizations and brands. It is our job to define that individuality. We ask questions and listen. It is the start of our introduction.   Show what you stand for Marketing is first and foremost about control: about deciding what, when and how you communicate. And above all, knowing why you do it this way and not differently! When you claim and propagate your unique identity, the world knows who you are and what you stand for. Then you are more findable, more visible, more successful.

For anyone with ideals

Because we can and want a lot, our door is open to everyone. But we are most fond of clients with ambitions and ideals who inspire us in terms of content and who want to work with Buro Reng for the best result.   Give direction to your communication Buro Reng has years of experience with branding and marketing translated into BrandCompass. A method with which we help clients to strengthen their identity, to determine their position and to give direction to their communication. Only when you know yourself, your product, organisation or company well, you can discover which place suits you and which communication choices are appropriate for you. More about MerkKompas

For clients with ideals

We like to work for clients with ambitions and ideals. Passion and enthusiasm inspire us and form a good basis for creativity. We work for NV. Nederlandse Gasunie, Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Wongema Werkpension, ERIBA European Institute for the Biology of Aging, University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, Study Association R!SK, Municipality of Groningen, Hotel de Marne, Noord Nederlands Toneel, Penduka Namibia, University of Groningen, UMCG , Het Houten Huis.